Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When Tagged, One Must Answer

Okay, so a few days ago, I was tagged, and it's been bugging me that I never responded. I ALWAYS respond to this stuff, just because I think it's rude not to. (Not to mention, it's a lot of fun to think!) Sometimes life just takes over.

So, NONNY, here ya go, with my meme:

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Mail Girl
2. Clown for Hire (EXCELLENT money, and Clown School is a BLAST!)
3. Cook for JB's Restaurant (formerly "Big Boy")
4. Sandwich Delivery Girl

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again
1. Sweet November
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Back to the Future (the original)
4. Forrest Gump
(let it be known right now, the list could NEVER be limited to FOUR)

Four Places I've Lived
1. Parma, Ohio
2. Mantua, Ohio
3. Mesa, Arizona
4. Ahwatukee, Arizona

Four Places I've Vacationed
1. Niagra Falls, Canada
2. Apache Junction, Arizona (when I was 11, before I moved here)
3. Mantua, Ohio (after I moved to Arizona)
4. Several places in California (the ocean, she soothes me!)

Four Favorite Dishes
1. Pierogi (home-made, of course)
2. Galumki (whaddaya want from a Polock?)
3. Pork Tenderloin (slow cooked on a gas grill ~ mmm...)
4. Chicken Ceasar Salad

Four Non-Bloggers I Visit Daily
1. Joe Cartoon
2. Friends and Families of Suicide
3. McSweeny's (okay not EVERY day, but often enough)
4. TV Guide.com (soap updates. OKAY, I admit, I'm still addicted to abc daytime)

Four Places I'd Like To Visit
1. Poland
2. Scotland
3. New Zealand (I LOVE Kiwi Birds)
4. Australia (Sydney Opera House, Koalas, and Kangaroos)

Four People I'm Tagging For This Meme
1. Hitman J
2. Jungle Jane
3. Jerry
4. Crabcake

SIDENOTE!!! I DO still plan on posting pics of the CA trip. A girl's gotta keep her blogging priorities in check, right?

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (You know who you are...)

Let Love Rule,
Treble Hearts

Monday, January 30, 2006


She knows what she wants and knows she's gonna get it
Doin' the best that she can, won't give up, won't regret it
And she ain't takin' nobody with her
Yeah, she's leavin' the past beind
Won't be waitin' on nothin' for no-one
Won't be back till she gets what she finds

She's goin straight to the king of the mountain
Gonna ask for some peace for her mind
Oh yeah she's gonna tell him about it
Ya know she's really going for it this time

All that she can get for the least amount of money
Won't be played for a fool but stays sweeter than honey
Man she gonna take you for a ride
The time of your life

She's going straight for the king of the mountain
Couldn't stop her if you wanted to try
This time, nobody bringing her down
She's earned her wings and she's gonna fly........

Straight to the top
Top of the mountain
Gonna give him a piece of her mind
Really gonna tell him about it
Yeah she's really goin for it
goin for it
this time..

c 1993, tlk aka my "monicker," all rights reserved.

I would'a' driven my grammar teachers NUTS with this. ALL the more reason for me to smile...

Want Happier?

Treble Hearts

Sunday, January 29, 2006


What a trip! I'm BEAT as hell, and didn't get to spend NEARLY enough time by the sea. On the way down Kanan Dume Road, as SOON as I could make out the water, I bawled like a little baby in the car, just taking in the VASTNESS of the whole thing. MY GOD. It's even HUGE from a distance. And with the sun shining on it just right, it was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera out in enough time to get that picture, and through the car window I doubt it would have done it any justice. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but wanted to share at least one with you all while I recoup and reorganize (I'll share more later)...The waves were really small on Saturday (picture shown), to my disappointment, but the ocean still sounded, smelled, and looked absolutely amazing. I even got to see some sea lions on a rock, from a distance, off the Santa Monica Pier. I'll see if I can't get that picture to come through. All m'Lord had to say (having grown up there) was, "Eh, another boring day at the beach." Wha-wha-WHAAAAAAT? I could have spent all our time there. Seriously. If I could afford it, I would LIVE on the beach. It's something that never gets old, and always brings me peace.

Have a great MONDAY. UGH! God help me get through this, after a long and somewhat trying drive home. I DID miss my dog, and she is safe at home, sprung a day early from the 'rents. WOOT!
Treble Crabby Turtle
P.S. LARRY had a blast. It was all I could do to get him to come home, but brought some shells and water with me to make him feel better. OH! And I totally hid him in the bag when we went by the lobster tanks. Poor guy. I don't think he saw them but you never know...He's totally hibernating right now.

Friday, January 27, 2006

California, Here We Come!

I am beside myself with anticipation. While m'Lord has to work 1/2 day, I've got the whole day off to prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Okay, that may be a little over the top, but I haven't been to the ocean in over 2 years, and haven't had an actual "vacation" in about the same. It's about time. With not-so-Newbie driving me up a wall at work and things being so crazy here at home for so long, sitting and watching the ocean seems to be the only thing I can think of to bring back my sanity. That, and we really need to get out of these four walls and reconnect not only with each other, but with ourselves and old friends. I hope to come home with a new perspective on life (and lots of shells for my office)!

Of COURSE Larry is coming. How could I make a trip to the coast without him? Perhaps he'll make some new friends, too. You all KNOW there will be pictures to come.

But wait! What's this? I've been TAGGED??? Nonny, you know I love ya, but this will have to wait till Monday evening at the latest, as I am frantically packing and running around for my trip. I have all weekend to think about my cool answers, though most will be the same as yours.

Everyone have a safe, happy, wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Grocery Shopping

UGH! Just typing it made me shudder. All those little old (and not so old) ladies (and inconsiderate bitches) leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle, then getting pissed off because I take the initiative to move them out of the way ~ AAAHHHH! JEEZ I never realized I had such a pet peeve, but there it is.

Anyway. How does one go about the task at hand? My mom, bless her heart, sat me down when I was old enough to get it and let me "help her" plan the grocery list. Menu first, ingredients missing ~ on the list. She had been shopping at the Sparkle Market in Streetsboro for as long as I could remember, so she knew the layout of the store like the back of her hand. She'd go down her list of meals for the week, then visually go up and down every aisle of that grocery store, picking things off the shelves and putting them in her cart. Once she was PHYSICALLY at the store, it took her less than 20 minutes to pick out two weeks' worth of food. AND I got to ride in the cart till there wasn't room for me. (Later in life, I rode in shopping carts for different reasons, but that's for another memory post!)

Just a cool memory. I talked to her tonight, after almost 2 weeks with no contact. Got to talk to my dad, too. Life gets the best of your time, sometimes. And sometimes the most important things get stuffed away.

Think I might go visit the ocean this weekend...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Tina K. Original...

I know I told y'all why I originally started this blog. I'm not sure about the copyright laws nowadays, but as far as I know, once I publish and say they're copyrighted, no one can use them without my permission. I really did set out, once-upon-a-time, to write some songs, not necessarily to make me famous. If one should think them good enough to set to music (which I suck at), then by all means, contact me. I'd really love to sing my own stuff one day, like in a Starbucks or something. (Amachai, thank you SO much for the nudge in a previous comment.)

Here goes (deep breath...):

There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose d...

HA HA HA JUST KIDDING! They always tell you to break the ice somehow your first time before an audience. (You're all in your underwear right now, as far as I know.)

The Meaning
Does it hurt when you let go
Is there meaning to your lies
Can you see or does your world go black
Every time you close your eyes
Are you livin' in your dreams
Who you been dreamin of?
Is she everything you ever wanted
Hey tell me is it really love
Misery your comfort zone
Immortal melancholy stoned
Look inside to analyze
The meaning of alone
Is it real or just a phase
Don't know who you are these daze
Changes come but still the same
They know your face but not your name
Misery your comfort zone
Immortal melancholy stoned
Look inside to analyze
The meaning of alone

Copyright 1996
TLK, a.k.a. Lady Hearteater
All rights reserved!
(Insert shameless canned applause here.)
Can you believe I wrote that way back then? The more I sort through this stuff the more I'm beginning to know myself even better than I already thought I did.
Treble Famous 1

Monday, January 23, 2006

Something Fun

I spent some time online Sunday, chatting it up with my html sensei. We were both bored, it was raining on his side of the world and cold on mine, m'Lord was lost in his new aviator simulation game, so J loads up an IM environment and we came up with this lovely artwork! Feel free to print them for your fridges or cubies. We've even autographed them!

OR, perhaps we could talk Brad into making them into a cool t-shirt or mug...

The above masterpiece was our first attempt. Pretty snazzy, huh? I don't think it's a self portrait of either one of us, at least I HOPE not! J just started doodling, I started adding stuff, and before you know it, this uh, creature was born! I think I'll name it, "Mr. Peepers." What'd'ya think, J? (I'm not telling who put the "boogie" in his nose...)

Now THIS one is the best of all beach doodlings. Check out J's fancy-schmancy snorkle guy! I about laughed myself silly when he added that component. Maybe we should call it "Undercover Snorkel" or something. HA HA!

I had a total blast doing this, and hope to add more to our little gallery. Once we got the hang of it we were unstoppable!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

97.9 ~ "98 KUPD" FM, Phoenix...

Okay, so I left a comment on Crabby's site a couple of days ago about an afternoon DJ here in the valley who had a REALLY bad experience on a date. He had hot wings. Before they left, he used the restroom. Unfortunately, he touched his "cronk" and shortly thereafter, his genitals started to burn. He said he whipped it into the sink with cold water to no avail, and then was looking for ranch or bleu cheese dressing; date OVER, and any chances of USING said cronk were hopeless. The next day, the words to his audience were "holy crap, my junk was on FIRE." (And something about it feeling a lot like syphillis, EWW!)

Of course, I couldn't stop laughing, yet still felt sorry for him. I couldn't even imagine how that would feel on MY northern region. (Note to self: Stick to whipped cream and cherries in the bedroom.)

The MORNING GUYS for this radio station do a bit called "Payday Stuntman," where their promotions guy (Eric) does strange things for cash. He's been tazered, had rocks thrown at him, been a human bowling pin, dressed up in the most RIDICULOUS outfits on streetcorners, etc. etc...you get the point. Last year, they had him experiment with capsaicin, an ingredient used in the most lethal of hot sauces. I hate to see anyone in pain, but that experiment made me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself. If you listen to the audio, you'll understand. Poor guy was rushed to the hospital and couldn't talk for like two days. OH the things we will do for entertainment.

Speaking of which, has anyone caught that show "WildBoyz?" They are insane.

J, I would DEFINITELY think TWICE about using the gifts you got for Christmas. Really. Should you decide to try them out, I'll be the first one to start the "Save the Sphincter" charity to help pay for your anus replacement surgery.
Chili Pepper Fire 3 Gorilla

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Is it me, or are some blogs kind of "cliquey?" (I don't know if that's a word. If not I just added it to the LH dictionary. Thanks, Crabcake, for that philosophy, AND other inspiration!)

I've posted comments on some new sites as of late. Seems to me these "comments" sections are a lot like the old AOL (et al) chatrooms, where people are there for awhile, talk, bond, and generally have fun. The minute a newcomer enters who thinks they can relate to the conversation gets immediately attacked.

Forgive me for wanting to expand my horizons!

Not bitching, mind ya, just an observation from this humble blogger.

What's the reason you started YOUR blog?

I started mine with a need to write, mostly music lyrics (original and favorite), which has YET to be done. I'm actually pretty shy about my originals. What I've truly decided to write about is, I suppose, yet to be determined. ONE DAY ~ 24 HOURS in this life, initself, predetermines what we feel, who we are/become, and, I guess, what we write about. I know that being on this site since last year has really been an inspiration to me. It's given me courage to do/say things out of "my ordinary." So I guess I'll just take it day by day. I don't have some fancy gimmick. I do, however, admire those of you who are creative enough. Hey, tomorrow I may just dig out my old writing notebooks!

Sing it with me now....

What the world...needs now...is make...up sex....then some regular sex...so that it's not...just makeup sex...(:-D)


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

OH! Two Chinese Boys!

Holy MOLY and Jesus hiked the Great Wall...Nonny told me about THESE GUYS yesterday. I am STILL cleaning up coffee and soda from my keyboard/monitor both at work AND at home. Even without SOUND this cracks me up. I think I'll link them.

On a sidenote, Barberi/Zimmerman kicked my ASS last night, ladies and gentleman. I didn't see ALL of the icedance but oh my god the music kicked my butt. The MUSIC is what got me. Oh, my god. I'm a closet icedance lover...

When you think of the word warped,what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Electric Avenue

HOLY SHIT, my peeps!

I had to go check stock on something in the warehouse, seeing as how our "warehouse manager" is always MIA. It was an "off the wall" almost e-bay type item someone was calling about, so I had to spend a little time rummaging and blowing dust off things. Luckily, we have an overhead music system throughout the building and, as you all know, music is a HUGE part of my life.

While blowing dust off some old-model phones, I heard THIS!!!!

DAMMIT!!! Of course it would have been TOO easy to redirect you to Eddy Grant's free mp3 download of "Electric Avenue." I tried and tried to get you all there, to no avail...*sigh* Hopefully, you've all got that song in your heads now, haha! (..."Oh~we gonna rock down to electric avenue, and then we take it higher...")

ANYWAY! I almost fell on the warehouse floor laughing when I realized that I recognized the OPENING NOTES of that song. How frickin' wrong is that? I started jamming. JAMMING and LOVING IT, I say! Sure, I'm dating myself here, but HOLY SHIT! I danced, silly-ass-style-index-fingers-in-the-air, back into the office, singing it! I asked the dispatcher, through tears of laughter, if the customer was still on the line. Yes. Okay, great. Found one, but had NO idea whether it works or not, would have to test and refurbish it. Customer just hung up. Dick. Waste of my time? I think NOT. I'll have that song in my dome for DAYS now, and a huge smile on my face.

Behold, the power of nostalgia.

Home with m'Lord and TACOS for dinner! WaHOOtie! We feasted on the regular home-cookin.' CSI, part of the Golden BLOW'B awards, and hangin' in the den together was AWESOME!

Tried to do some more work on the template, but decided against a certain profile photo. Ick.

"Who Let the Geeks Out????" HAHAHAHA!

BIG peace and love,
Treble ROTFL

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Brand New Skin!!!

Holy cow, what a great weekend! First and foremost, I MUST give my undying thanks to My Favorite HITMAN, for spending all the time he did with me online this weekend helping me through my HTML woes. Baby, you're the GREATEST, and I'm really glad you made it home safe and sound! And to Birdy, for sending me the cool pictures you see around the title to this here blog. *HUGE PECKS* to the BOTH of you. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by friends this wonderful. You might say you're the greatest thing since Sliced Elvis Bread!!! (Brad, I REALLY want a loaf of that stuff!)

Anyway, I've FINALLY gotten this space looking like me, like HOME, if you will. Better things are on the horizon, I can feel it. I am filled with hope renewed that this year is going to be one of the BEST EVER.

One more thing~~N o n n y!!!! I hope you get that internet problem at work fixed soon, I'm really going crazy without you, even though I got busted during my review.

Peace and love, peeps. Seriously...
Treble WooHoo

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thank GOD It's the WEEKEND

I really don't know how much more of newbie I can take. Loud, clears his throat CONSTANTLY when he's in an uncomfortable situation and just generally gets on everyone's nerves. I'm told he'll be moved from front desk to "other" department by month's end, but my nerves are shot. SOMEONE suggested, in the best interest of my boss and me, that we let HIM train whomever replaces him...AH, HA HA HA HA HA!!! We laughed for days on that one. They wanted to move him sooner but oh NO. Neither one of us has time to train yet another newbie. Hopefully the next one won't think that it's a fucking crisis if two phone lines ring at the same time, with people at the door, and paperwork to be sorted. Christ on a Harley, PLEASE let this one have known they were giving BRAINS and not mistaken it for TRAINS and asked for a real slow one...for the love of PETE and all that is my sanity!

I must say, Friday WAS gonna be my last day to smoke. HA! With work life at its worst since I started a year ago and home life in it's everloving melodramatic upheaval, NOW is not the best time for my best game face regarding either patience OR will-power. Not to mention the full moon and Friday the 13th...oh, fuck it. I'm weak. AND my debit card turned up missing, AFTER my groceries were rung up, bagged, and carted. Luckily, I live right across the street from the grocery, so it was just a matter of them holding my cart and me getting back here, grabbing ye ole checkbook and running back there. DAMN I hate it when that happens. Needless to say, I got cigarettes. NOT a carton, however, as quitting IS on my agenda.

Bank's been called, card cancelled and a new one SHOULD arrive no later than the 25th. Another inconvenience I will endure, as I endure EVERYTHING that comes my way. My light prevails, once again, and always will.

J, glad you're back and safe at home. Northern life seems to suit you. That's all I'm sayin' 'bout that...we should talk this weekend, I'm dyin to know what you saw and how things have changed up there. You stayed REALLY close to where I grew up and that made me homesick as hell. For a minute I wished I had never moved.

Anyway, as I write, m'Lord sleeps. There's nothing I can do but be here for Him. He's been my rock when I needed Him most, now it's MY turn to be the support beam, and I don't mind it, for sometimes that's how relationships go. One day, I hope this structure will be solid. Lord knows the foundation has been poured. Akelda, you are quite the inspiration for me today, as my parents have been for me in their 38 1/2 years together. Many many thanks.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Friggin' HTML Friday...

DAMN, I just can't GET this!

First off ~~ MAJOR apologies are in order to my favorite HITMAN for not asking him FIRST for help with the HTML. Honey, you are my HTML SENSAI, never forget it, but you're out of town, and I am anxious to get the show on the road, so to speak.

Since basketball is on most Thursdays and "my show" isn't on, I hereby dub this my HTML Thursday. But YOU, J, are out of town, (yes, I said it again) so we can't converse. MAYBE next week when you're back, we can get this situation down and get my skin lookin' tight! (Unlike Nonny, who can't comment here. guess danny's more important than me...ouch!)

I said, before, that my boss said I am patient. PPFFFFTTTZZZ!!!!! MAN I must have her totally snowed, haha! I talk shit about "the newbie" at every chance. I can't wait till he moves to a different department. Seriously. Akelda, the raise is my "real" present/reward for biting my tongue. It really makes me proud to know that people have that respect for me. #$%(*%&^$^#*$%##!!!!!!!

ANYWAY! Back to the task at hand...I LIKE this new blogskin. Simple, clean, a fresh start. I'm currently looking for some "bells and whistles" to add, and Brad, I LOVE the clock thing, and found the perfect one and plan to use it; that, and I'm looking for a "weather watch" kind of thing so you all can know what the weather is like down here. Right now it's been mid-60's to 70's during the day and 40's at night. BRRRR! Cold to us thin-blooded southwesterners.

I am looking for a background and/or pictures that really show ME.

BIRDY~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COLLAGES YOU SENT VIA EMAIL! I LOVE all the pictures, and plan to use some of them. YES! It sucks to have to start from scratch, but ya know, that's how great recipes are born. No offense to you, honey, but everything (well, almost everything) I make is from scratch. EVEN CAKE. I've even got a GREAT chocolate/sour cream cake recipe for you, if you want. It may not be what you had before, but it's pretty dang good.

Imagine whirrled peas!
Treble Peas Peace

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


That's the first step, right, in the asking? I am, without a shadow of a doubt, HTML illiterate. I have some REALLY good ideas what I want to do with this skin. Danny, I know you had some REALLY expertise help from lulu. Girl, if you're out there, I could sure use some advice. As far as setting up a skin, I am a mess. I mean, LOOK at this shit. I know about setting links, a little about colors and fonts and all that cool stuff, just NOTHING about the layout.

Man, I really need to get on an html rehab program. I mean, for cryin' in a bucket, it's my dog's BIRTHDAY, (she's five today, going on two) and here I sit, trying to figure out this shit instead of giving her the run she so deserves.

Woe is me, ha ha ha!

Got any advice? I'm not the most patient person in the world. Perhaps this is part of my new year's resolution to be that more patient person.

On a much lighter note, I got a GREAT review at work today, AND a raise. YAY! My boss told me I AM patient as far as employees and customers/vendors go. Patient? ME? She said I just know when to bite my tongue when I need to.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okay, Okay, Of COURSE I'm going CRAZY

So here it is...random thoughts in the interim. I'm in the process of learning advanced html and will come back with a better, stronger, greater blogskin. It's important to me to generate something that will really reflect who I am. NO WANKERS ALLOWED, or I will call shenanigans on your asses!